STARS International Academy offers a comprehensive education while adhering to the Cambridge syllabus. We are the leading homeschooling centre in Petaling Jaya, Selangor to offer the Cambridge IGCSE programme in Malaysia where arts and science subjects are presented in an organized and systematic manner. The school has also successfully launched the Cambridge Primary Education programme where activity based learning is very much an essential part of the curriculum alongside academic training.

Being an exceptional home school, sitting amidst the business hub of Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya backed by renowned educationists and teaching methodologies to produce prodigious graduates.

Explore your passion with us. We bring up the best in you, everyone is included in our circle of inclusion. We are STARS, inspire everyone to be above average. Travel with us further and together, together we grow. The journey never ends, it’s a marathon. Be part of our journey to exceptional, exceptional education.


Being an exceptional education institute backed by renowned educationists and teaching methodologies to produce prodigious graduates.


STARS Learning Academy™ provides an integrated learning space with uniquely structured science and arts programmes designated to cater for the intellectual youths of all ages. Our academy is backed by expert educationists whose teaching approaches are to enhance and intensify the essence of scholarly science and arts foundations.

Sitting amidst the business hub of Kelana Jaya, STARS Learning Academy shows its modest presence in a corporate district, offering a range of globally recognized programmes, which are often the mandatory requirement of many prestigious local and foreign universities. We strongly believe that various traditional teaching methods are the key to produce highly intellectual graduates as we cater to the exact needs of students regardless of their age and background. Our only goal is for students to graduate with A*s on their statement of results!

Our Unique Advantages:

We implement a straightforward approach in learning – ultimately striving towards A* End Results.

STARS prioritizes the education and academic excellence of every student by limiting the number of students per group; hence, making personal attention available in every session.

We emphasize on fundamental thinking skills required for real-life corporate world.

Why take a leap of faith when we can GUARANTEE you a promising future?