Being an exceptional private academy, sitting amidst the business hub of Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya backed by renowned educationists and teaching methodologies to produce prodigious graduates. Explore your passion with us. We bring up the best in you, everyone is included in our circle of inclusion. We are STARS, inspire everyone to be above average. Travel with us further and together, together we grow. The journey never ends, it’s a marathon. Be part of our journey to exceptional, exceptional education.


Exceptional exam results underline the constant focus on Academic Excellence that is a trademark of STARS International Academy, the best academy in Petaling Jaya (PJ) and Selangor. Our talented and dedicated teaching staffs set the highest standards for our pupils, providing them with the support and encouragement they need to achieve their full potential in every subject they choose to pursue here at STARS. Making their contribution to an incredible history of examination success at STARS International Academy, our Cambridge Primary (Year 1 – Year 6), Pre IGCSE (Year 7 –  Year 9), IGCSE (Year 10 – Year 11) and A-level students (AS & A2) achieved another set of outstanding results in 2016.

In another year of record-breaking results, the highlights included:

Heidi Tan Swee Lin (11 Years Old, Best Checkpoint 1 achiever, April 2018)

English [Band 6.0] Mathematics [Band 6.0] Science [Band 6.0]

Muhammad Hadi Bin Muhammad Nazri (10 Years Old, Best Checkpoint 1 achiever, Oct 2018)

English [Band 6.0] Mathematics [Band 6.0] Science [Band 6.0]

Bryan Tan Wei Han (13 Years Old, Youngest IGCSE achiever, 2014)

6As’: English, Malay, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Grace Chin Jun Li (12 Years Old, Youngest IGCSE achiever, 2016)

5As’: English, Malay, Mathematics, Physics, Biology & 1B: Chemistry

Iman Dzulhadi Shahrulanuar (First STARS A Level scholarship student)

IGCSE 2016: 5A* & 2As’  ||  A-LEVEL 2018: 1A*,2A & 1B

Khoo Hui Jea (Best A-Level achiever, 2016)

3A* (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry) and 1A (Biology)

Alisa M. Azhar (Best A-Level achiever, 2018)

2A* (Mathematics, Chemistry) and 1A (Physics)



STARS International Academy, the best academy in PJ and Selangor provides a structured curriculum and learning journey from the age of 6 to 19 years. The Cambridge Primary is followed by a sequence of Pre-IGCSE, IGCSE, cultivating in the advanced A-level programme (Ages 16-19). By the time students graduate from our academy, they are equipped with the skills, specialist knowledge and qualifications they need to earn places (and thrive) at leading universities and colleges around the world.

Age-appropriate learning styles and resources are adopted throughout the school, with play-based learning in our youngest classrooms gradually progressing to more conventional learning styles and complex subject matter. This journey gives students the opportunity to find their own academic strengths and interests in a variety of subjects before moving on to the more focused academic content for their selected IGCSE and A-level programmes, chosen by students and career paths in mind.


View our Galleries and follow us on Social Media – Facebook (STARS Home School) and Instagram (STARS International Academy) to learn more about STARS, the best private academy in PJ and Selangor. We offer an extensive range of activities, which are designed to allow students to explore interests and develop skills in and outside the classroom. We understand that these opportunities can bring true balance to a student’s life, serving to enhance their well-being and in doing so, benefiting their academic performance.


Everyone involved in the admissions process fully understand that choosing the right school is critically important for all parents. Therefore, a personal visit is strongly encouraged before application to ensure that STARS International Academy is the right choice. The Admissions Team is always keen to meet families from all backgrounds to discuss whether a student’s needs and aspirations can be supported here and a meeting with our Academic Consultant can be arranged. We assess all students with great care to ensure that they will thrive in our ambitious and academically challenging environment.